ok here we go with another art piece that I would like to share with you today.

it shows a visual interpretation of my only channel defined:
The Channel of Abstraction. (what a name)

i have it unconsciously defined and oh boi it took me a while until i really could grasp that potential – funny enough i express it right now. my mind can either be very inspiring for you, or very confusing. nevertheless that doesn’t mean that this is good or bad. sometimes we need to get confused to find a new perspective. And sometimes we need clarity to let of go of a certain perspective… the magic of inspiration eh? the trick for me with this channel is to only “use” it to resolve mental “issues” that are not concerned with ME directly. I can’t use it for my own life even though it sounds irrational and annoying – the mind can NEVER be an inner authority for my bodily experience. it’s an collective channel after all and that is all about sharing – it needs the other so the confusion and clarity can be shared. and that gets me recognized and invited. it’s the core, so to say, of what best should be recognized as a potential in me + some hanging gates on my full head. all these dormant gates are also part of it but can never be expressed consistently by me on my own. by the way have you checked your definition yet? do you grasp it? what’s important in regards to that for you? let me know in the comments, if you want?

i hope you enjoyed that high-quality post!

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Love Love


Hi there, I have it also defined. It is one of my two defined channels. MP, 3/5. And yes, it only seems to be working for others not myself, which is annoying at times … but hey, that’s the way it is! 🙂

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