It is exciting to observe that human design is now, it seems to me, on everyone’s lips. Everywhere it appears as something else, for most as a “tool” or help for “personality development”. There are positive and negative viewpoints on it, some are angered and others use it ruthlessly to multiply their finances. From my quite experienced and studied point of view, I just have to smile when I see this. It’s like making a puppet show for 3 year old out of a highly complex and unbelievably deep treasure of truth and then getting upset about the boring and superficial content. I can also understand that many are now cautious about it because what is presented online for the most part, in glowing advertisements with ultimate promises, has nothing to do with the Human Design System as I was allowed to get to know it.

The web is full of POP-HD, Mind-Candy interpretations, and totally washed-out information about this system. Leaning back and watching it is almost amusing and at the same time I feel the desire to comment on it because you know Human Design has almost nothing to do with what you read in most of these articles. HD is not a tool. HD is not a religion. HD is not a philosophy. HD is if at all a source of information to intrinsically investigate one’s own but also the collective life, to understand mechanisms and dynamics. It is not a set of rules, nor is it a restriction, it merely points out limitations. Here lies a problem for many because we hate limitation, we don’t want to hear that because after all we were brought up with the lie of “anything is possible” and then we were also extremely conditioned by the spiritual media world to be an ultimate manifestation being without any limitations. What a funny formula!

If one understands that limitation is the breeding ground of creativity and everyone has and must have his own restrictions, then it is easier to live. Why? Well, because then you stop comparing yourself. The core of HD knowledge is: Everyone is unique and no one has a free choice about his being. We are ultimately only mechanisms in a much larger organism. Seriousness has never led to a nice evening. Enjoy the knowledge, live the information, let life guide you, and just watch your own personal movie – there is nothing more to do.

– Talis


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